First Shots

Looking for New Customers? First Shots Produces Them!

Every range today is on the lookout for innovative ways to drive new traffic. First Shots is a program designed to introduce new shooters to shooting fundamentals, firearm safety, deliver a hands-on experience, and provide incentives to continue their shooting journey.


We’ve got you covered.

NSSF is committed to helping member ranges increase new shooters/new customers and lay the groundwork for repeat business. Tap into NSSF’s support system of resources, including co-op advertising funds, pre-formatted radio, television and print ads, eye and ear protection, targets and ammunition for your class, and of course handbooks for each student, to successfully promote and host an enjoyable First Shots intro experience!


For the fun of it!

NSSF’s First Shots program has helped member facilities across the country safely and enjoyably introduce thousands of individuals to the fun of shooting. Whether your range offers paper/steel targets or clay targets, First Shots is for you! Join in the fun and become a NSSF First Shots Host Range!


How to Become a First Shots Host Range

  • Maintain an active NSSF membership
  • Provide space for instruction and range experience
  • Provide qualified instructor(s)
  • Promote the event

Be committed to growing the support and welcoming new shooters to your facility! Become a First Shots Host Range today!